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FolkServ: Find Staff that Aligns

Simply Leave the Hiring on Us!

It is simple! We aim to take away all the headaches associated with your hiring grind at our one stop enterprise.

5 Days Accelerated Hiring

Urgent positions to close ? We apply non-conventional ways of creating awareness, to close for your positions within 5 Days.

Dedicated Hiring Manager

Specific hiring requirements ? Candidate must be just the right fit? We have you covered. We provide you with a Dedicated Teammate.

We Make It Seamless

Curated Pool of Candidates

Get a thoroughly vetted pool of candidates for your requirements

Fast and Curious

We act fast and we ask questions, to know perfectly well, what you want. Need advice? we suggest what you need.

Background Verification and Payroll

We know where you get stuck and what tasks you find plain boring. We do them well.

Friendly Support and Compliance

We offer personalized support when you need help and provide as much assistance as possible.

Human Processes for Human Resource Managers

We hate Complex Processes for Ourselves, so no way are we giving them to Our Clients.

Connect with us

Contact Us, Call Us, Mail Us, Book a Zoom Appointment, or Simply Barge into Our office. Anything works.

Onboard & Get Onboarded

A simple contract and you are onboarded. Then we get onboarded into your systems, platforms, as per your processes.

Get Started

We start working on your requirement fast. We almost go like flash, you won't see us. You will, but with the candidates you need.

You can Use ChatGPT but Skills can't be Copy-Pasted

We appreciate honest talent, so we try our best to keep scammers and fraudulent candidates at an arms length.